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Our lamps are very energy efficient, and the use of colored illumination

reduces the need for ordinary illumination.


Create your own personal mood in the

living room, or in the bedroom. You can also put it in your windows to

brighten up both your house and your street.


If you have a special occasion, like anniversary, wedding, party or

birthday, you can rent sets of lamps, to make a special mood or as part of a



Possibilities are only limited by imagination. Brighten up your day. Have a

look here, and get inspired.

















Our Illumination is TrueColors, no filtering of the light. All the colors you

see, are as they are created in the center of the diodes. Unlike flourescent

bulbs, ours does not contain any Mercury. And you can turn the light on

and off as many times as you want, it will not decrease the lifetime of our



If you have more of our lamps, you should be aware of the color mixing

from the lamps. If you combine for instance the Cherry Red and the Spring

Green, you will get a resulting orange shade. Our personnel can guide you

to get the effects you want.


You can also use our bulbs in almost any spotlight with E14 socket, and

use the spots to create colourful patterns. Again you can get advice about

colors and color mixing from our personnel.

Manila - Philippines


You can:


  • Buy lamps and bulbs.


  • Rent sets of lamps for a specific number of days.


  • Make a long term leasing arrangement.


Daily manager:

Metro - Manila - Philippines








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