TrueColors in the Philippines:

More regions will be added in short time.


TrueColors is the name of the Philippine sales organisation. You can buy lamps or just the bulbs, or you can rent sets of fully equipped lamps for your special event or party.

Each region wil in time have it's own subpage.

Until end 2017 we only have internet sales, but we have helpful representatives around the country.

TrueColors is an independent Philippine business, but all assests are Danish owned. Main stock is located in Romblon, Romblon.

Colored Illumination.


  • Low energy
  • Long life time
  • Beautiful colors


Invented and designed in Denmark.


Colored illumination reduces the need for ordinary lightsources, which saves a lot of energy.


Colored illumination is decorative, and creates a special mood depending on the chosen color.


A red lamp can last as long as 10 years with the light turned on all the time. And during that time it will have consumed less energy than 1 ordinary 40W bulb used 10 hours every day, during 1 year.


When the light is turned off, all our lamps appears frosted White - only when the lamp is turned on, the color will appear.


In future new products developed by will be put for sales too. Next design series is expected to be put for sales late 2017. These products also includes lamps for ordinary illumination, like pendant lamps, table lamps and wall lamps.


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