About RGB

RGB Lamps

The RGB concept:

In human vision the primary light colors (R)ed, (G)reen and (B)lue, is combined to form any of the visual colors. RGB Lamps is combining these colors by Means of LED, to form perfect illumination.


Like a chef is combining foods and spices to create a variety of exciting and tasty dishes, RGB Lamps is combining light colors, to create illumination. Combined the right way, any light can be produced, from White light sources with special properties, like high contrast, improved color rendering to Unique color combinations creating any visible color shade.

The light sources

Bulbs with different sockets. E14, E27 and GU10









LED, which is short for Light Emitting Diode, is Electronic low voltage components. Each LED can emmit only a limited range of wavelengths, but by combining a lot of LED's it is possible to make large spectrums, with well defined properties.


Since the LED's requires low voltage, a long-life power supply has to be added to every bulb. And the lifetime, has to be at least as long as the lifetime of the diodes.


Diodes increases the intensity of the light with decreasing temperatures, and high temperatures degrades the components resulting in a shorter overall lifetime. All life time ratings are based on 20 dg. celcius, defined as normal room temperature.



"Experience the light"

A book about light, energy and climate by Dan Friis


This book explains in an easy way, how some of the basic mechanisms of nature Works. It all takes origin in light and energy, which is basically the same.

So far the book is only available as e-book, and only in Danish. New revisions of the book is planned, and second revision is planned to be released during 2015.


An English version of the book is considered, but no final plans regarding translation has been made yet.



  • 2001 THe RGB Bulb was invented.
  • 2002 RGB Lamps was founded.
  • 2004 First real production.
  • 2005 Award Winner for the technology in Denmark.


  • 2006 Nomminee for another Award about using LED's for plant Growth.

  • 2007 Order pipeline exceeded 1 mio. DKK


  • 2008 Order pipeline exceeded 3 mio. DKK


  • 2009 A book was written about light, energy and climate.


  • 2009 A phd, based on parts of the technology was finished.


  • 2012 "Se Lyset" was published.
  • 2012 RGB-Sydfalster was founded.
  • 2015 TrueColor opens in the Philippines.